Working at heights is high risk, is your team trained?

23 Jun 2023
Working at heights is high risk, is your team trained?

Carrying out a work task at height is an everyday occurrence across many industries, all over New Zealand.

This is deemed high risk work, and as such workers need to be trained for this work, including assessing the risks and putting in place effective controls.

The unfortunate reality is, that each year in New Zealand there are a number of injuries and even deaths, from working at height events.

Looking at WorkSafe data, between January 2022 and December 2022 in New Zealand there was:

  • 12 work related ‘fall from height’ fatalities and
  • 1,998 ‘fall from height’ injuries resulting in more than one week away from work.

Don’t let you or your workmate be part of these statistics! Make sure your company takes working at height seriously and provides the necessary training to keep you and others on site, safe. Many injuries and even fatalities that have occurred from a fall at height, could have been prevented if the correct safety controls were in place.

Learn from Industry Experts

Axiom Training offers a range of courses that can provide you and your workers with the knowledge and practical skills to carry out working from heights safely. Our trainers are industry experts and the experience they have from working in the industry is invaluable. They are aware of the common ‘shortcuts’ people might take and have seen first hand ‘how not to do’ things. 

Danny Glennon is one of our specialised working at heights trainers and is passionate about safety and making sure people get home to their families each night.  He has great advice for those doing their training, “Training doesn’t end in the training room”. Danny encourages workers to take personal responsibility, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, work hard to become competent and follow the code of practice. 

Range of Courses

We offer a variety of height and access courses at our training centres throughout New Zealand. We understand businesses are busy, so that’s why we also offer ‘on your site’ training, where we come to you and conduct the training.

Our height and access courses include the following:

  • Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs)
    All participants using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform need to ensure that they are adequately trained in the safe use of equipment in the place of work including protective clothing and equipment. This course covers the different types of EWP’s, their suitability for purpose and legislative requirements in relation to the use of EWP’s.
  • Elevated Work Platforms Refresher Online
    This online theory course is perfect if you’re short on time or would like to refresh your Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Crane Operators certificate at your leisure. Once the online theory has been successfully completed the practical assessment will be scheduled.
  • Harness – Elementary
    An ideal introduction to working at heights, this course is designed for learners who work from a fixed harness anchor point and require the knowledge and skills to do so safely. This course is an excellent option for learners who operate equipment that involves working at heights for example:
    - Mobile Elevated Work Platforms
    - High-Level Order Picker
    - Forklift Mounted Safety Platforms (Man Cage)
    - Any type of equipment that requires the working at heights from a fixed anchor point.
  • Low Level Scaffold
    This course teaches how to work safely to erect non-notifiable and prefabricated frame scaffolding up to five metres in height and is ideal for residential construction scaffold requirements.
  • Working at Heights – Advanced
    Our Working at Heights course teaches both the theoretical and practical knowledge required plus awareness of height specific hazards. It provides participants with the knowledge and awareness of hazards at working at heights, set-up requirements and the impact that appropriate fall arrest systems have on improving workplace safety.
  • Working at Heights - Managing Risk
    This course teaches risk management and the prevention of safety incidents and is critical in managing workplace safety under the Health and Safety at Work Act. People who complete this unit standard will be able to work well in established industry operating and maintenance environments and plan tasks and operations where fall risks exist.
  • Construct Safe – Tier 1
    ConstructSafe aims to provide industry with assurance that individuals have the knowledge and ability to keep themselves and others safe. This is achieved through a testing process of knowledge and behaviour against a framework designed and developed based upon industry needs.

  • Scaffold Pre Inspection
    This course teaches how to conduct a scaffold pre-inspection before use, identify potential hazards and risks, test notifiable scaffolding for structural stability, aappropriately record and report findings and how to respond to the findings.

Protect what’s most important – your people. Make sure your team have received the necessary training for the work they are doing.

If you’d like to learn more about our Height & Access courses, or would like to make a booking, please get in touch.

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