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  • Would you like an F endorsement?
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Trained Forklift Operators Will Save Time & Reduce Cost

A trained forklift operator is the key to ensuring the most effective and safe use of forklifts in the workplace. Having a trained and certified forklift operator requires a Forklift Operators Certificate as a minimum and if driving on a road, an F endorsement on their licence.

The key benefits of having trained forklift operators are:

  1. Time saving
  2. Overall cost reduction
  3. Risk reduction
  4. Reduced inventory loss
  5. Less machine damage
  6. Increased confidence of the staff

All forklift training courses can be completed in one working day. There are two types of forklift certifications available:

  • F Endorsement
  • Forklift Operators Certificate

You can complete one or both of these certifications in the same course.

Renewal Courses

Forklift Operators Certificate - Renewals are also available. The Forklift Operators Certificate requires a refresher every 3 years for the certificate to remain current




This course assumes learners will have some forklift driving experience, if required we can offer private lessons to support the completion of this course. If you have any questions or would like to discuss these options please contact one of our sales support team on 0800 267 476 or use our contact us form.

F Endorsement

To get your forklift F Endorsement you must hold a minimum of a full Class 1 licence.

Operators Certificate Renewal

The renewal is required to be completed no later than three months after your current certificate expires, evidence of current operators certificate will be required.

Public Course Bookings

To find a suitable date and book a public course, simply use the online booking tool above, contact one of our sales support team on 0800 267 476 or use our contact us form.

Company Course Bookings


To run this course at your workplace please use the contact us form or contact our sales support team on 0800 267 476.

What is an F endorsement?

If you are required to drive your forklift on a public road then you will need to hold an F endorsement on your driver licence. Axiom Training includes this as an option during our 1-day forklift courses. Simply select this option during the booking process.

What’s a public road?

The definition of a public road, as referenced within the approved code of practice is “A place to which the public have access, whether as of right or not”.

How often do I need to complete a refresher?

Every three years. If your certificate expired less than 3 months ago you can still complete the refresher.

Do I need a full driver licence?

If you are completing an F endorsement then you will be required to hold a full class 1 licence. A driver licence is not required for our Forklift Operator courses.

If my employee is required to operate a 4 tonne forklift, does the completion of the OSH Certificate and practical on a lower weight machine gain them the required accreditation?

Our courses provide the required external certification for all forklifts. The approved code of practice does however state that an employer must sign-off all operators on the use of machinery within the workplace. You can check the requirements on the WorkSafe New Zealand website.

Where can I find my details about forklift training requirements?

WorkSafe New Zealand provide detailed information on the requirements and training required for Forklift operators within the Approved code of practice.

Can you provide forklift training at my worksite?

Yes. We offer forklift training onsite at your location in your working environment, or nationwide at one of our branches.

Upcoming Course Dates
Course Content

Forklift Operators - Content

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of a forklift
  • Park and shut down a forklift
  • Perform a pre-operational inspection and start up procedure for a forklift
  • Demonstrate practical forklift skills

F Endorsement - Additional Content

  • Understand the legal requirements relating to the driving of a forklift on a road
  • Driving procedures and general considerations for driving a forklift safely on a road
  • Environmental factors affecting the safe driving of a forklift on a road
  • Demonstrate procedures for driving a forklift safely and legally on a road
Course Options

Forklift Operators Certificate

To operate a forklift on a work site you must hold as a minimum the Occupational Safety and Health Operator certificate - OSH Operators Certificate. This certificate will expire 3 years after the date of issue. You must renew your certificate within 3 months of the expiry date or you will need to sit the certificate again.

F Endorsement

In order to drive or operate a forklift on a road, you must have an F endorsement on your license.

An ‘F’ endorsement can only be issued to a person who holds a current full driver licence of class 1 or higher (i.e. not class 6).

The NZTA has approved NZQA Unit Standard 18496 (Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving a forklift on a road for endorsement F (forklifts)) whereby a person can obtain an ‘F’ endorsement.

Forklift Operators Refresher

This Forklift operator’s renewal course is for those whose Forklift Operators Certificate is coming up for renewal. You must renew your certificate within 3 months of the expiry date or you will need to sit the certificate again.

NZQA Unit Standards Included

Forklift Operators Certificate

10851: Operate a powered industrial lift truck (forklift)

F Endorsement - Additional Unit Standard

18496: Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving a forklift on a road endorsement F (forklifts)

Please Note

To obtain the Forklift Operators Certificate the trainee must score at least 80% on the 10851 unit standard assessment. To obtain unit standard 10851 the trainee must score 100% in the assessment.