MBIE Update – Plant, structures and working at heights

01 Nov 2019
MBIE Update – Plant, structures and working at heights

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment is currently undergoing a review of some of the regulations that sit under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015. The aim of the review is to seek feedback on how to improve protections for people working with plant, structures, heights and excavations.

If you work or operate within plant, structures, heights or excavations or within the agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, engineering and construction sectors, this will be of particular interest.

A discussion document has been published and feedback is currently being sought on whether the options in the document will be effective and what the impacts would be to industry. Feedback submitted will inform any changes the Government may make to regulations. Submissions close on 4th October 2019.

What does the review cover?

The purpose of the review is to ensure the regulatory framework effectively supports businesses to manage risks without disproportionate costs or hurdles, and ultimately to protect workers from harm. Plant, structures and working at heights are the first cab off the ranks because they are used in many sectors and affect a wide range of people. They are also responsible for 76% of work-related deaths in New Zealand.

The main focus is on:

  • Where there is confusion or lack of clarity around the rules and regulations
  • Where there are known risks but still not enough being done to address these
  •  How we can keep up with the pace of technology to ensure benefits are realised and risk is mitigated

For more information on the review, visit the MBIE website or speak to your Axiom Training account manager.