The Construction Sector Accord

19 Aug 2019

If you operate within New Zealand’s construction industry, you need to be aware of some changes that will be taking place as a result of the newly established Construction Sector Accord. Below is an overview of the Accord as it relates to the services we provide at Axiom Training, however you can read all the details here.

What is the Construction Sector Accord?

The Construction Sector Accord has been developed to “strengthen the partnership between government and industry and act as a catalyst to transform the construction sector for the benefit for all of New Zealand.” It consists of two phases:

  1. A shared set of goals and principles agreed by government and industry that sets out priority work areas and high-level commitments to action. The Accord signals a new way of working together. This phase has been completed.
  2. Collaboration on a wider basis to develop a more detailed plan to meet the challenges and achieve the outcomes outlined in phase one. 

Axiom Training can support you

There are nine priority work areas within the Accord, each focusing on a different aspect of the construction industry and three of which Axiom Training provides solutions for:

  • Grow workforce capability and capacity. Increase the number of skilled workers and lift the industry’s capability in order to deliver New Zealand’s growing housing and infrastructure needs.
  • Better risk management and fairer risk allocation. Rebalance risk in the sector so it sits with the party best able to manage it. Improve the understanding of construction risks and their impact and costs.
  • Improved health and safety at work. Reduce the number of people being harmed by work and create a safer construction sector that supports wellbeing and improves productivity. 

As the Accord contributors move through phase two, we will keep you updated on changes that may come into effect and how we can support you. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact your Axiom Training account manager or call our helpdesk on 0800 267 476.