M3P Concrete Pumping and Axiom Training - Work Experience Success

16 Mar 2022
M3P Concrete Pumping and Axiom Training - Work Experience Success

M3P Concrete Pumping and Axiom Training - Work Experience Success

As part of our New Zealand Qualification courses, we partner and work with many organisations across New Zealand that help us provide important work experience. Our courses are structured so they are so much more than just theory. Work experience is just one of the ways that completing one of our courses is hands-on in the real world!  We are very proud to receive this feedback recently from M3P Concrete Pumping. From Axiom Training thank you for supporting our courses and the wider industry!


“Andy Daley from Axiom approached us regarding taking on a student for work experience over 10 weeks. As a small business, M3P were keen to work in partnership with Axiom to provide John with real time work experiences where he could implement his newly gained knowledge through his course (New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Road Transport) and build upon safe work practices at the same time, as well as obtain valuable real time experiences within the concrete pumping industry.

Axiom were very clear around expectations of us as the employer organisation, the role that Axiom had, and John had in terms of meeting his obligations as a learner. Axiom have been proactive in ensuring all communication between all parties is clear and consistent and everyone knows and understands their roles and responsibilities over the work experience period.

John has fitted in very quickly with the M3P team and has been fortunate enough to have Sammy Callaghan as one of his supervisors. Sammy has been in the concrete pumping industry for over 20 plus years. John has shown himself to be a quick learner and asks lots of questions to ensure his understanding. He is very observant of the machines he is learning to operate and the required safety aspects before, during, and after operation. It has been evident that through the Axiom based programme, safety has certainly been given a high priority which is so important in today’s construction industry.

M3P have enjoyed being able to positively contribute to the development of John’s work experience and we would recommend others in the industry to consider a partnership with Axiom.”

Leighton and Kellie Minnell

M3P Concrete Pumping


If you are keen to look at a hands-on career in Transport or Civil Construction or would like to have one of our students at your place check out our course pages or contact us for more information.