Refresher Training

12 Apr 2021
Refresher Training

When was the last time you trained or practiced a particular skill or looked into new technology and safety requirements? The truth is without regular practice or updating your skills and knowledge we can become complacent, increasing the safety risk, or the quality of our work. Refreshing your skills and knowledge through a targeted training course run by Axiom Training is an important part of maintaining your skills and knowledge.

Benefits of refresher training

  • Helps identify and remove bad habits
  • Keeps you up with technology and current safety requirements
  • Reduces risk and the likelihood of accidents
  • Having to recall learned information builds long term memory
  • Mistakes can be reduced and improves quality and productivity
  • Provides a good intro back into a particular career and shows employers that your knowledge and skills are current.

Axiom Training provide a range of refresher courses, some of these courses are required for example forklift or first aid. And some are recommended. Check out our course pages to find out more about refresher options.