Introducing Online Driver Training - SharpDrive

23 Mar 2020
Introducing Online Driver Training - SharpDrive

SharpDrive is an engaging online driver training system that will help improve your people’s knowledge of and attitude to driving. The short, interactive programme is a proactive way you can help keep your business and your drivers safe.

With a vehicle deemed as a 'workplace' under workplace health & safety legislation, organisations with drivers find themselves exposed to risk if they have not suitably discharged their 'duty of care'.

The best path to mitigate that risk, is by implementing and enacting on your organisations 'safe driving policy'.

That's where SharpDrive can help.

SharpDrive is the least-cost / easiest to implement / immediately scalable driver training product on the market today - and it works.

The full audit tracking of employee achievement & certification means your i's are dotted, and t's are crossed.

It’s a uniquely designed innovation in online driver training — with research and development headed by expert driving trainers.

SharpDrive training is focused where it counts - attitudes & behaviours of driving. Why? Because statistically that's how the majority of accidents occur - fatigue, stress, mobile phone use, inattention to name a few. The full list of driver training modules are here.

Benefits of SharpDrive

It improves your drivers' knowledge of the best driving practices, and reducing risks on the road. Its also an idea catalyst for organisations wishing to lower their fleet running costs, gain effective health & safety compliance and reduce their fleet crash rate.

SharpDrive not only enhances safety behind the wheel, it helps drivers improve their fuel economy, reduce wear and tear on tyres and engines, and learn to be "greener" drivers.

In fact, in a few short months SharpDrive graduates recover the low cost of driver training with the savings they make through better, safer and more economical driving.

We are the driver training program of choice by leading organisations across Australia & New Zealand.