Calling for submissions: Hazard substances classification

19 Nov 2019
Calling for submissions: Hazard substances classification

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is calling for submissions on its proposal to change the classification system for hazardous substances in New Zealand. The proposal is to adopt the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), Revision 7 (2017).

What is the GHS?

The GHS is an internationally agreed system of classifying chemicals and communication of their hazards that was developed by the United Nations. It ensures an internationally aligned classification system for hazardous substances that better facilitates trade and increases global efficiency in chemical management through unified labelling and safety data sheets.

Why has the EPA prepared this proposal?

A global classification system and compliance requirements will reduce complexity for everyone. While there will be costs and resource implications to make the change, EPA’s view is that the benefits for New Zealand will outweigh these.

Who should review the proposal?

Any organisation handing or using hazardous substances; manufacturers, importers, industry, health sector, non-Government organisations and regulators that administer legislation that refers to the current HSNO classification should review the proposal and submit feedback. This will be of specific interest to applicants for new hazardous substances approvals and producers of safety data sheets.

Submissions close at 5pm on 9 January 2020.

Read the consultation document or make a submission