Axiom Training is excited to announce that our new App is now live!

10 Sep 2021
Axiom Training is excited to announce that our new App is now live!

Axiom Training is excited to announce that our new App is now live!

The Axiom Training App provides you with direct access to Axiom Training Hub. A central location for your certificates, ID cards, online courses and other course information and resources.

What is AxiomHub?

Axiom Hub is Axiom Training’s very own LMS. Like all LMS system this is where you will go to complete your online learning, get information, resources and pre-learn material for your course, and access when your course is finished your certificates and wallet cards will be available. 

How do I access AxiomHub?

Once you enrol on a course that requires pre-learns or online learning, or a certificate is available for viewing you will receive an email invite to jump onto AxiomHub. This invite will include a link to allow to log-on and set a password.

How does the Axiom Training App work?

The AxiomHub app, allows you to download and take your training with you wherever you have your phone! After your initial registration in AxiomHub simply download the app and log in. You only need to login once as the app will retain your login credentials for fast and easy access. Our app provides full access to all the content and information that is held in AxiomHub.

Where can I get the AxiomHub App from?

The AxiomHub app is available on both iOS and Android app stores, simply search Axiom Training and download our app from Google Play store or Itunes!

What is happening with the old plastic ID cards?

Our exciting move to AxiomHub means that access to your ID cards is now online or via our app. There is no need to carry a wallet full of cards! All our course certificates and ID cards can be accessed from one central location, AxiomHub! ID cards can be saved and viewed offline and displayed where required. Given this Axiom Training will no longer be printing plastic ID cards.