Load and Unload a General Freight Vehicle

Load and Unload a General Freight Vehicle
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This practical course helps your team learn the skills and correct loading techniques required to ensure goods vehicles are loaded and secured safely.

With a detailed focus on the legal requirements and loss reduction, our industry experienced trainers will provide practical demonstrations and hands on learning experiences to practice and complete:

  • Planning considerations for the loading of a goods vehicle
  • Loading of a goods vehicle based upon designed plans
  • Restraining, securing, and protecting the load to reduce loss and ensure compliance
  • Unloading of the load from goods vehicle

This course can be run at our site, or for a more tailored solution we can come to your site and present the course using the loads and equipment in the environment you team will most often face.

Contact us to discuss how we can customise this course to reflect the specific needs of your team.


There are no specific prerequisites for this course.

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To run this course at your workplace please use the contact us form or contact our sales support team on 0800 267 476.

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NZQA Unit Standards Included

1753: Load and unload a goods vehicle