Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) – Side by Sides

Light Utility Vehicle
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This course teaches the knowledge, skills, and attributes for all essential areas of the units of competency covered under the best practice guidelines for Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) driving in the workplace.

The course is targeted specifically for operators of LUVs used in the workplace and teaches trainees to ride effectively and safely over varied terrain. The trainee will be able to demonstrate the appropriate responsibilities of a driver with strong emphasis on accident prevention. A high level of safe decision-making is also promoted as well as riding techniques that minimise negative environmental impact.

We can customise the course to incorporate company-specific operating and site access procedures and protocols relevant to individual workplace requirements.


For public land or roads, current class 1 licence and registration is required. There are no licence pre-requisites for use on private land with no public access

Public Course Bookings

To find a suitable date and book a public course, simply use the online booking tool above, contact one of our sales support team on 0800 267 476 or use our contact us form.

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To run this course at your workplace please use the contact us form or contact our sales support team on 0800 267 476.

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Course Content
  • LUV health and safety considerations
  • Water fording
  • Understanding drive systems, control variations, pre-use daily checks, and serviceability
  • Start-up and shut-down procedures
  • Loading and unloading an LUV from a trailer
  • Hazard identification and safety margin awareness
  • Obstacle recognition and negotiation
  • Stability dynamics including loads carried, loads towed, and load security
  • Understanding tyres and the importance of correct inflation pressures
  • Correct hill ascent and descent, driving techniques, issues and limits
  • Ground composition and contour recognition along with driving techniques to ensure safety
  • Traversing side slopes
NZQA Unit Standards Included

24553: Drive a Light Utility Vehicle on flat terrain

24556: Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of a Light Utility Vehicle (LUV)

24558: Drive a Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) on hilly terrain

Optional NZQA Unit Standards

24560, Drive a Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) with trailed equipment

24562, Drive a Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) with mounted equipment or a load

Special Note

A post-course report will highlight any individual requiring special on-going tuition /guidance to reach a safe minimal operating level. Axiom will work with anyone requiring on-going training or experience prior to reaching a competent level.


This course is run at your worksite and is tailored to your organisational needs. Please contact us for pricing, or complete an on-site booking request using the Book Now button above.