Chemical Safety - Foundation

Chemical Safety - Foundation
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This course teaches the types, classifications, potential effects and management controls of hazardous substances in the workplace. It is ideal for workers who hold some responsibility for the use of hazardous substances in the workplace, including line managers.


There are no specific prerequisites for this course.

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Do I have to train my staff in chemical handling?

Under the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations, you must make sure your workers have and understand the information, training and instruction they need to do their work safely.

Workers need information about:

  • Any work happening in their work area involving hazardous substances
  • Where to find information about the hazards of each hazardous substance in the workplace and how to handle and store those substances safely. This includes the SDS but is not limited to the SDS.

Chemical Handling training and instruction needs to include:

  • The physicochemical and health hazards of the substances (i.e. are they explosive, flammable, corrosive, toxic or oxidising)
  • How to safely use, handle, store and dispose of the substances
  • How to use plant (in other words equipment) necessary to manage the hazardous substances safely, including personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Any other duties the worker might have under the Regulations
  • The worker’s role in an emergency involving the hazardous substances
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Course Content
  • Classifying hazardous substances
  • Potential adverse effects of hazardous substances substances on the body and environment, types of exposure monitoring, and treatment options
  • Safe storage, tracking requirements, handling, and disposal of hazardous substances
  • Response to uncontrolled release of hazardous substances.
NZQA Unit Standard Included

31290: Demonstrate knowledge of the safe management and potential adverse effects of hazardous substances in the workplace – 6 Credits


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